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Ballroom dance instructor Cheri Ozorak has been dancing since the late 1980s and has trained with several dance champions. She is available for private lessons and group lessons in the greater Sacramento area. Her charming and friendly personality makes each class fun and effective. You will be dancing like a pro in no time!

Contact her today! If you require classes for your upcoming Wedding, you've come to the right place.

The only equipment you’ll need for the sport of ballroom dancing is a pair of high quality dance shoes. Order online from Showtime Dance Shoes and receive a FREE shoe brush with your first order when you say Cheri referred you and use the My Dance Heaven Studio Referral Number 0156. You can also call 800-433-5541 to order your dance shoes.

Where your dance dreams come true

fairyAt My Dance Heaven we believe there is a dancer inside everyone and we strive to help our students find joy in the expression of themselves through the art and the sport of ballroom dancing. Whether you aspire to compete at a major competition, perform in front of an audience, or simply enjoy a social evening with your special someone, there is a place for you.

Cheri’s students have come from a wide variety of experiences and backgrounds, including professional figure skaters, ballet dancers, and athletes as well as profoundly deaf and hearing impaired individuals, and individuals with joint replacements. Some of her clients also have various conditions and impairments caused by injury or chronic illness. Even if you are convinced that you have “two left feet” and or are being coerced into dance lessons by a friend or loved one, you may be consoled to know that the on-going process of learning to dance can benefit everyone. Best of all, while not everyone achieves the same proficiency, ballroom dancing is FUN.

If ballroom dance is your desire, or the desire of someone you love, Cheri is eager to help you make that dream come true. Some of the benefits people have experienced while learning ballroom dance include:

The definitions of dance are many and varied. Whether it be a happy toddler bobbing up and down, a bird fluttering in courtship, or a trained professional demonstrating stylized patterns to rhythms or music, all have one thing in common, and that is movement! Often deliberate, possibly rhythmical, sometimes graceful—fast, slow, small, or large—dance is movement! Emotion in motion, dance has been part of the human experience for as long as we’ve been around and many other creatures have behaviors which are also described as a dance.

Contact Cheri today at 814-602-6191 or at cheri@mydanceheaven.com

Emails are usually answered within 72 hours and your information will always be kept confidential. Please leave a detailed message if you get a voicemail. Prices and schedules listed on this website are subject to change.